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Authorties unveil massive Oklahoma crime ring

PURCELL, Okla. Authorities unveil a massive crime ring of drugs, guns and convicted felons.

They were tipped off when they recovered a stolen truck.

One clue lead to another, and before detectives knew it, they were connecting dots in a large multi-county drug and crime ring.

“We do not want these people to have firearms, because they’re dealing in meth or other drugs, and they’re dealing in stolen firearms,” McClain County Detective Dana Guthrie said. “That’s a bad combination.”

There are countless combos like this that make up a network of drugs, guns and convicted felons stretching across Canadian, Cleveland, McClain, Grady, Garvin and Oklahoma Counties.

Detectives say it all started with a stolen truck, and pieces of a dangerous puzzle began coming together.

“That’s when it started evolving,” said Guthrie.

The truck lead to a house in Purcell.

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Oklahoma educators and lawmakers disagree over banning social study testing

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma educators are expressing their concerns about the proposed state legislation that would erase Oklahoma’s ability to measure student knowledge of social studies, geography and a significant portion of U.S. History.

According to reports, Senate Bill 1654 seeks to eliminate state assessments on social studies in grades five and eight, as well as geography in grade seven.

This U.S. history end-of-instruction exam would remain in place in high school.  However, that assessment only covers standards that encompass history following the Civil War.

‘That is disappointing,’ State leaders split over bill that bans cities from setting their own minimum wage

OKLAHOMA CITY – As national leaders fight over whether the government should raise the minimum wage, state leaders are taking matters into their own hands to keep all towns in Oklahoma on the same page.

According to the Tulsa World, Gov. Mary Fallin recently signed a measure that bars cities and towns from increasing the minimum wage above the state rate.

Currently, the state’s minimum wage is set at $7.25 an hour.

Fallin said, “Mandating a minimum wage increase at the local level would drive businesses to other communities and states, and would raise prices for consumers.”

Minimum wage has become a national topic of debate.

‘Bill of Rights’ gives some Oklahoma parents final say on child’s upbringing, but not everyone

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma State Senate has unanimously approved a measure aimed at giving parents the final say on how best to raise their children.

House Bill 1384, by Sen. AJ Griffin and Rep. Sally Kern, is known as the “Parents Bill of Rights.”

It allows parents to have the right to make final decisions about their children’s education, religious training and medical and mental health care.

The authors said a recent case in Boston is an example of the government trying to override parents’ decisions.

15-year-old Justina Pelletier was taken forcibly from her parents after they took her to Boston Children’s Hospital.

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Family, friends use “selfie” to remember lost loved one, support others battling cancer

NORMAN, Okla. – Last year, the University of Oklahoma lost a staff member to esophageal cancer and now, family and friends are turning to the power of the ‘selfie’ to help others battling the same disease.

Cody Ponder was loved by many and known for his infectious smile and stand out humor.

Kayleigh Damphousse said, “He was just a generous man, his smile was illuminating, he was just a good guy.”

Sheppard McConnell said, “Cody was a brother that I never had.”

Cody’s wife of 15 years, Johnnie-Margaret McConnell, says she misses her husband every day.

Through a 5K called ‘Cody’s Run,’ she hopes to keep his legacy alive.

The run was organized to educate people about cancer and raise funds for the Cody Ponder Emergency Endowment Fund, which benefits patients at OU’s Stephenson Cancer Center.

Hungry? Local restaurants offer freebies, discounts today for Tax Day

In honor of Tax Day, April 15, many companies are offering some pretty incredible discounts and freebies.

Some great local deals include:

Arby’s - This fast food chain is offering a free snack-sized curly fry all day on Tuesday.  Make sure you grab your coupon and take advantage of this deal!

Office Depot – Bring in this coupon and Office Depot will shred up to five pounds of paper for free.

Cold temps threaten Oklahoma plants

OKLAHOMA CITY – The winter that just won’t quit is packing one more punch.

Temperatures are expected to plunge tonight.

It is news which has many scrambling to save their plants.

Plant experts say covering your tender plants or bringing them inside is essential to their survival.

Down at Marcum’s Nursery, the outdoor shelves have been cleared.

Everything is being moved inside in hopes of saving it from mother nature.

Crews are also working to enclose the greenhouse.

“We had it all open because it was hot in here. We took it down so the house could breathe, but we’re putting it back on today,” said Monty Marcum.

Their heaters will be turned on soon.

Marcum says it is important on nights like this to protect your plants.

“They need to bring in all of their hanging baskets and things that can move that are portable by all means get that inside,” Marcum said.