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Newcastle loses homes to ferocious tornado | News

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Newcastle loses homes to ferocious tornado

By Ashley Kringen

NEWCASTLE, Okla. – Moore wasn’t the only city to be devastated by Mother Nature this week, Monday’s deadly tornado ripped through Newcastle, prior to tearing through Moore.

Many people in this community are left with no home and are doing everything they can to save precious items lost in the rubble.

Broken glass could be perceived as unlucky, but for one family in Newcastle, finding family pictures spared from the destructive tornado is nothing short of good fortune.

The Leger family recalled the frightening day, when they saw the sky swirling and knew a tornado was headed their way.

“It just felt like it was on our entire bodies. It just felt like pressure all inside the chamber we we’re in,” said Kala Leger.

Kala and Jason have four kids, in fear and shock at the time of the chaos.

“We can do this for four to five minutes we can do this. We’re safe down here and of course the whole time we’re thinking I hope we’re safe down here, you want that latch to hold,” said Leger.

The Leger family is searching for anything they can save such as a bible that’s been in their family for decades and their son’s favorite bear Sunny.

“My baby books and the little keepsakes from when they were babies, I wanted my wedding dress and pictures,” said Leger.

As the search continues, the Leger family has a big decision to make, whether to re-build in Newcastle.

“We love this location and everything and we love this land but we’re just not sure,” said Jason Leger.


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